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Live Chat 3 14.06.2017 100 Feedback Status: Closed Solution: Yes PeopleInside


I want report to you some important issue with this chat software.

First... I test in Firefox and if I AM the visitor, I start a chat than when operator send to me a message no sound are played. I do not like this, I do not like when I AM chatting as visitor and chats doesn't support sound.

If you think that sound is disturbing the visitor you have to insert a sound option in the widget so disturbed visitor can turn message sound off but it's very important that every operator or system message in the chat play as default a sound. Visitor can change Browser tab, Minimize the window during the waiting time or during a chat.

Until this chat never support this is not really a good solution for me and I AM not suggesting to stress the visitor, I AM suggesting to support sound as default but let the visitor choose to turn off.

The second issue is that in my Firefox visitor test if I AM on another tab chat sound are played only if I open again the tab where the chat is... so this is not good.

1. I start a chat than as I AM waiting I change my browser tab. No sound will alert me when the operator join, just if I go back to the tab with the chat sound is played.

I think is not good also have push browser notification for the visitor side. The alert window of permission is very stressful. Push browser notification should be enabled only for the operators... visitor are someone that are temporary in and receve a request permission on the browser is not nice.

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