Support Tickets - Schedule answer to tickets (for helpdesk 3.0 idea)

Schedule answer to tickets (for helpdesk 3.0 idea)

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I would like to see in future release of helpdesk a way to schedule answer tickets. For example, when I get a support ticket, I would like to answer it, but not send the answer at the moment I complete it. I will rather answer it at a set time interval.

The reason for that is for customers that are out of my timezone. If I answer a ticket by the end of my day, and customer responds, they expect the admin response within the hour.

But, if I answer a ticket and place a time to release the answer, then I can further assist because the time of release of the answer will be a time when I can dedicate a back-and-forth response.

What I'm asking is similar to what email software such as outlook, thunderbird, etc. does.  You can reply an answer to an email, but it wont send it until the time that you schedule to send.

I hope this makes sense and that it could be implemented in future release of helpdesk.


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