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Few issues - Custom CSS - Slider images

CMS 04.01.2017 165 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes Jack357

Hi Jerome and my best wishes to you for 2017!

I experience a few issues.

For example:

CSS file: I tried to add my own CSS style to some element but when I click Save (link to a CSS file) I always get a 404 page not found... I even tried to link to a CSS file that come with CMS but get 404 error too. After a few attempts ModSecurity blocked my IP adress, actually I have to turn off ModSecurity in order to apply my CSS styles.

Slider: I had to place images in that folder: /plugins/slider/examples/sliderimages other then that images wont show, but I would prefer to use a separate folder I created for images I use.

And while at it, I can't get the slider to be responsive even that I click "responsive = yes" in the slider config.

Thank you

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