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helpdesk 1.9.6 updating from old versions

HelpDesk 28.12.2016 226 Bug Report Status: Open Solution: No goldstrikn

Hello Jakweb team,

In regards to helpdesk. I seem to manage it for the bugs I encountered, when I upgraded from old 1.5 version to 1.9.6. My issues began 3 days ago, but I think I have it covered now.

Here are my findings that I think they're bugs.

1. whenever a ticket is created, a "Ticket Error" email is generated after some time. The content of the email is vague and it doesn't show the actual error to see what to fix and resolve.

2. a new ticket is generated when "Ticket Error" shows in the mail/imap. This should not happen, because I was with the understanding that when imap fetches, it will read and take account for RE: [#xx], but it seems that it creates a ticket for any subject when it is new. I hope I'm explaining myself here and you understand.

3. When an already registered user places a new ticket with the same email as registered, but doesn't log in to create such ticket, the ticket does get created (after using Jerome's hack), but it also creates a new account with the email and provides a password. The bug is that when the customer logs in with the new created password and using the email of such, then the dashboard is not visible and can't view old tickets.

4. For priorities, the new options are good, but The only thing is that if I disable all priorities for the client side, the dropdown menu bar still shows blank. This is ok, but it should not show up at all, it needs to be hidden. Maybe in your upcoming updates you can have this option to be hidden for client side.

I wish that for my point #1, it will show a the actual error, to see how it can be correctedm, and to perhaps forward it to an independent email from helpdesk, so that it wont interfere, or create a new ticket (due to the bug).

Please advise on how to fix these issues.


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