Support Tickets - Directory/URL path bugs on login and home pages

Directory/URL path bugs on login and home pages

CMS 11.12.2016 205 Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes Keepshango


Prior to give you the bug description, please note DIRECTORY and URL paths that may help to understand what goes wrong.
The script is located in a folder that I self named "cms1", and was installed through an automatic generated directory path by "ISP Config3" control panel : var/www/clients/client1/web3/web/cms1

In the "db.php" file the URL is set to :

*** NOTE 1 (bug)
I can't access the CMS admin login page directly with the URL :
Once the loin button is clicked (credentials ok) I am firstly redirect to an ERROR PAGE (ADDRESS NOT FOUND) that the URL path is presented with 2 anomalies :

- http://http// ?
- /cms1/cms1 ?

To access the CMS dashbord, I have to additionnaly browse back one time !
Then the dashboard is displayed, and the browser URL field is showing the same entry as the one entered earlier to access the login page ?

*** NOTE 2 (bug)
Once within the CMS, when I try to acces my default home page from the menu, or when I want to log out I am redirected to the same ERROR PAGE (same URL as well).

*** NOTE 3 (home page location) !
However, the "HOME" page is displayed in plain text when the URL entry is : http//

******* QUESTIONS *******
Note 2 : it seems that something needs to be corrected, but I don't kow what and where !
Note 3 : could it be that the home page is displayed in plain text because JS, CSS3, and HTML5 are maybe not enabled on my apache server ?

Awaiting for some help and guidance asap !


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