Support Tickets - HelpDesk 1.9 - textareas have no editor (not visible)

HelpDesk 1.9 - textareas have no editor (not visible)

HelpDesk 10.11.2016 210 Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes Netthandel

Hi, I updated from HelpDesk 1.8.x to 1.9 using the auto updater. I also edited the db.php accordingly and made an htaccess file.

Today I wanted to change the text on a page, and I navigated to /operator/index.php?p=webtext&sp=newticket

The textarea was not displaying. I checked with inspector, and the textarea is hidden with inline CSS.

The same issue are at the front page where users can submit a new ticket.

The common denominator for this is that it always is the textarea, and where the ID is jakeditor. I found that TinyMCE is not loading .

Looking deeper into the inspector I found that I missed a file:

The solution was to:

1) go to TinyMCE's language download archive:

2) Then download and unzip my language file

3) Upload the lang file in

4) Rename the file to whatever was my language files (ini's) name here:

This may apply to others, so just want to send the solution here.

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