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Live Chat 19.09.2016 274 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes mark_doyle

Hi I have created my buttons but when I run a page to check the status I seem to get the default icons that came with Live Chat. When I upload my buttons through the dashboard they get placed in live_chatuploadfilesbuttons folder however the documentation says upload the images to img/buttons/en/. When I went to img/buttons/ there was no en folder so I created one.

The code that I have generated for my web page is:

You can see the default setup at link removed

My buttons are named mark_doyle_on.png and mark_doyle_off.png. How do I get my buttons to display?

Also there is a small bug in the db.php file. You tell us to put the full site domain as but if you do this when you log on as an operator the redirect does not work correctly. You get directed to http:// To resolve this I removed the http:// from the db.php file

If I want to use Live Chat in 3 different languages do I have to install it 3 times in my various language folders and use 3 different databases?

Thank you in advance.

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