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Inactivity issue

Live Chat 07.09.2016 318 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes DesignGuru


Hope you can assist.

Having an issue which keep occuring no matter what browsers or configurations we try.

We often get this message on the "client" side of the chat:

"System said:
has probably left the conversation due inactivity."

The thing is that we are busy testing and know that we are not inactive so we know its some form of issue.

In the admin/support logged in area the chat box just disappears but on client side screen it shows that admin has left but still typing?

Additionally I tried to tweak the "Mark client as left after x seconds" AND "Set client session to expired after x seconds" but it wont let me change it, just stays on 30 and 600 respectively.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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