Wildcard Proactive

30.08.2016 126
Assigned to: Live Chat Option: Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes From: grupomais

I need the Chat Engage Proactive as 1 to any page of the site that the client is .For example, if I have in my website a blog system , we add about 15 posts a day , I do not need to configure page to page the chat engage proactive .How to only one setting , to run across the field ?Taking into account that the chat is set up around the area , through an "include" where even when I add new pages on the blog, the chat will appear.Example : Primary Domain : www.mydomain.comPage 1 Blog : www.mydomain.com/blog/15881513/test-domain-number-aleatory-15.phppage 2 Blog : www.mydomain.com/blog/15881514/test-domain-number-aleatory-18.phppage 2 Blog : www.mydomain.com/blog/15881515/test-domain-number-aleatory-19.php

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