Support Tickets - Ticket/Answer from has not been created

Ticket/Answer from has not been created

HelpDesk 01.06.2016 325 Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes goldstrikn


I'm having an issue with customers responses not created in helpdesk. The customer that respond from his/her email client which I noticed it doesn't create the response in the ticket, are from the ones that have logo (image) in their signature.

Just a note, on my webmail, it does show the following:

"This part contains an attachment that can not be displayed within this part:"

And what that is is their signature logo.

Then I get automated email piping showing "Ticket/Answer from has not been created".

I have installed your latest helpdesk 1.5.1, nothing modified as far as pipe.php file

Is there a way you can assist?


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