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Email piping issues

HelpDesk 04.05.2016 381 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes goldstrikn

Hi Jerome,

I keep getting a lot of emails showing the following:

email subject: Email Piping

body: Ticket/Answer from has not been created.

I checked with my webhost and they don't produce such emails, so it should be coming from your script. The good thing, is that eventhough it shows that, the tickets are still created from client.

That email comes in both; when ticket is created and replied.

I'm not sure what the issue is with email piping, it is somewhat buggy for my server. I want to overcome that.

Also, I noticed something that a customer replied from his email client, but the answer of such ticket never came through. I went over to see the actual email log and found that his answer was there, but it showed that his reply had an appended email from my earlier reply. So, maybe in this situation, the script (or pipe.php file) didn't pass or recognize the info, and thus the reply never came in through the ticket system.

I can provide screenshots, if there is a way to do that.

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