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Online / offline & auto proactive

Live Chat 16.04.2016 455 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes Nina

Hello Jerome,

we have 3 questions:

1) even though i am logged in to the operator panel and activated the "online" button... as soon as I navigate to another tab I appear offline... even when I navigate within the operator panel to f.e. the settings tab... I go "offline" and the button goes red. I'm using chrome, latest version.

2) the Auto Proactive message only appears after a client has entered in a chat with us, when they close, they see the Auto proactive message. Is this the way it is supposed to be? I thought that you can set after ... seconds / ... visited pages the client sees the message, regardless wheter or not he has entered in a chat with us. We are using auto proactive only on pages where live chat is enabled.

3) can we remove the avatar's of the users? The 4 "people"? Or replace the img/png?

Thank you!

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