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Chat offline if is not superoperator

Live Chat 22.01.2016 585 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes rubenvl


We have installet LiveChat as a corporative support solution. Installation is done over a DirectAdmin linux server and chat button is incorpored in three different websites with two different subdomains.

Operators can login and button appears in all the websites. But if normal operators login, button appears as offline, regardless they choose the online option. Also operators cannot see other operators.

If I login with superoperator, I can put the chat online, other operators can see me, but they cannot see between them.

- cache and files fodler have 775 permission
- operators have the option to see other operators in their profile
- everybody is using the most updated chrome version and enabling the desktop notifications and uing the chat in an isolated window with no more tabs

That is affecting our customers that cannot talk with us and this did not happen in the test of your demo website.

Can you provide support ?

Thank you.

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