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28.08.2015 691
Assigned to: Live Chat Option: Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes From: Jerome

The forgot password function in Light, Business and Websocket is not working when used with other than the english language.

That bug has been fixed and will be included within the next release.

If you can't wait, please open the operator/login.php file and find:

$mail->Body = $tl['login']['l14'].' '.BASE_URL.html_entity_decode(LS_rewrite::lsParseurl($tl['login']['l12'], $fwhen, '', '', ''));

replace with:

$mail->Body = $tl['login']['l14'].' '.BASE_URL.html_entity_decode(LS_rewrite::lsParseurl('forgot', $fwhen, '', '', ''));

That will fix the issue. Included in the next release.

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