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ID: 217 Status: Closed

CMS 2.1 - properties found

1. Login page- Recovery password - If I put email which not exist in CMS, email is send with link ...

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ID: 205 Status: Closed

CMS 2.1

Hi Jerome,I tested CMS 2.1, I am beginning to be happy :-)Improvements for me:1. Breadcrumb is very ...

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ID: 96 Status: Closed

Live Chat User Typing

I like how on the Client end of the Live Chat you can see when the Agent is typing. I think it ...

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ID: 95 Status: Closed

Auto Refresh Ticket

Is it possible or has this been requested to have the Tickets Auto Refresh/Show new Replies after ...

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ID: 79 Status: Closed

Save a ticket as draft

Hello,I would like to know if there is a way to save a draft.  For tickets, that need more ...

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ID: 76 Status: Open

CMS - Breadcrumbs no.2

Hi Jerome,We solved breadcrumbs in this last ticket ...

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ID: 75 Status: Closed

CMS - language typo

Hi Jerome,How can I set the encoding in theof pageNow we have this in Czech ...

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ID: 74 Status: Open

CMS 1.5.2 - TinyMCE

Jerome, I have big problem and I don't know what I do it.I found small bug in TinyMCE editor.My ...

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ID: 72 Status: Closed

CMS 1.5.1 - Download plugin

Small correction in 'downloadsidebar.php' in DOWNLOAD PluginLine 6 from<h3><?php echo ...

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