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ID: 778 Status: Open

CMS - Plugin Blog - frontend

Bad count$resultgt = $jakdb->query('SELECT COUNT(*) as totalAll FROM ' . $jaktable . ' WHERE ...

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ID: 740 Status: Closed

link exchange plugin?

Hello,QuestionWhy not add a link exchange plugin?Thank you

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ID: 710 Status: Open

Schedule answer to tickets (for helpdesk 3.0 idea)

Hello,I would like to see in future release of helpdesk a way to schedule answer tickets. For ...

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ID: 708 Status: Closed

Did you stop selling your CMS?

Did you stop selling your CMS?No sale of cms in shop sectionBest regards

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ID: 665 Status: Closed

CMS - frontend build menu

Hi Jerome,CMS uses build menu in function.php  - ' jak_build_menu () '.this menu have only one ...

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ID: 658 Status: Closed

Plugin forum

Hello,Do you plan to create a forum plugin?For the new version?Thank you

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ID: 624 Status: Closed

CMS - Heat Map

Hi Jerome,how work Heat Map in CMS? Whera can I display this map please?

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ID: 620 Status: Closed

Client upload attachment after creating ticket

Does helpdesk system has option to allow user to send attachment after ticket created? I found out ...

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ID: 573 Status: Closed

Plugin for Christmas? For CMS is HelpDesk

Hello,Do you have a plugin for Christmas?Falling snow on siteThank you

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