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ID: 821 Status: Closed

Design showing in Chrome

HelloWhen I go into Chrome / then dash board yesterday the design wasn't showing up correctly so ...

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ID: 820 Status: Closed

Support Tickets Status

HelloSo by the other resolved ticket I am taking that as if you feel it's resolved then it doesn't ...

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ID: 819 Status: Closed

Submitting a ticket

HelloYou have told me and others that we should have one question per ticket or stick to the topic, ...

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ID: 818 Status: Closed

Desktop Apps

Hi there,If i want to use Live chat three apps, for example desk top apps until I can order my own ...

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ID: 812 Status: Closed

error breaks, some help please :/

Thank you.Could I ask you a dumb question please?  When I click on certain links or dash board and ...

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ID: 803 Status: Closed

Recieved payment for update

Hi Jerome,Did you recieve payment for the update live chat php? Please let me know and also Please ...

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ID: 534 Status: Closed

email logo

Good Morning,Could you possible tell me where I can change the logo on the emails, and could you ...

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ID: 526 Status: Closed

Back ground

HelloPlease can you tell me how I would change the background colour in the operator area to a back ...

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