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ID: 900 Status: Closed

Update Error Live Chat 3.3

For the first time I get this error by updating from: Version: 3.2Following folders have not been ...

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ID: 898 Status: Open

Live Chat 3.3 release

Is the release date for Live Chat 3.3 today?

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ID: 887 Status: Open

Using the app

Hello, I would like to know how I can integrate Live Chat 3 with the andriod app to link all the ...

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ID: 880 Status: Open

adding live chat to wordpress

Hello, I tried adding the live chat widget code into wordpress footer cutom html widget, but it ...

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ID: 878 Status: Closed

Upgrade problem

How can I update the chat? I have version 3.0.5. And I see that they are in version 3.2. How can I ...

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ID: 876 Status: Open

Live Chat v3.2

Hi. I have just downloaded v. 3.2 of Live Chat and haven't been able to install it. I am having ...

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ID: 874 Status: Closed

How to remove the "powered by live chat 3" in the chatbox?

Hello,Can you point me to the file where I can remove the powered by live chat 3 that points to ...

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ID: 855 Status: Closed

Live Chat 3 - Issue and missed functions.

Live Chat 3 - Issue and missed functions.1. Sound message are played on every new message only for ...

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ID: 836 Status: Closed

Latest update - mobile issues

Hello - I have updated to the latest Live Chat 3 version but now the phone responsiveness is ...

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