Support Tickets - Live Chat 3

ID: 685 Status: Closed

PDF File sharing

Did not know if I should post in feedback or support.Is it possible to allow for pdf file sharing. ...

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ID: 684 Status: Closed

Live Chat 3.0.3

Jerome,Live Chat 3.0.3 looks great.When I applied the update, the chat stop showing up on sites. ...

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ID: 683 Status: Open


Hi Jerome,Can you talk me through how this works. I have set the following in my widget filew.cName ...

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ID: 682 Status: Closed

File Share "breaks" session

So when I share a file the dashbord does not send or get any responses. Also File never gets to ...

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ID: 680 Status: Open

Proactive and Contact form

I followed instructions found in various FAQs regarding ProActive. It is not triggering on ...

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ID: 675 Status: Closed

Limiting client account features.

In the db.php filethere are settings for integration into LC PHP SAAS there are also settings that ...

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ID: 672 Status: Closed

Can not disconnect.

Can not disconnect user in console - no option to do so. Person chatting can not exit the chat ...

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ID: 669 Status: Closed

Chat Window shows error From email address has extra text

Did my first install Went through settings and setup smtp server as well.Embed code on 2 sites get ...

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ID: 656 Status: Closed

https:// domain problem

Hello,I install my script to my http:// domain.When I add my widget code to my https:// site not ...

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