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ID: 37 Status: Closed

CMS 1.4.1 - Wrong title on user - searching

Hi Jerome,General settings > UsersWhen I use searching, after click to 'search', Is changed ...

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ID: 36 Status: Closed

CMS 1.4.1 - admin language en.ini

Hi Jerome,Small correction in admin english language from[cform]c = New formto [cform]c = New ...

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ID: 35 Status: Open

CMS - Wiki, plugin

Hi Jeromo,I have only idea or wishes.You can add a plugin like Wiki in new version? Or it can be ...

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ID: 34 Status: Closed

CMS 1.4 - Sitemap, lost link

Hi Jerome,Test the entire functionality on the website link removedI do not know why, and what I ...

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ID: 33 Status: Closed

CMS 1.4 - Blog sidebar location

Hi Jerome,I did not find how to set up sidebar location in the main web page of the blog. I ...

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ID: 32 Status: Closed

CMS 1.4 - Blog Title Sort ACP

Hi Jerome,Bug Report in blog1. Wrong Title in Blog ArticleWhen I want click to sort e.g. by Title ...

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ID: 31 Status: Closed

Image / Filemanager sub folder

Hello Jerome,Not Work:

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ID: 30 Status: Closed

HelpDesk file and imagemanager path.

Hello,New problem:

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ID: 29 Status: Closed

CMS 1.4 - troubleshooting

Hi Jerome,I have a problem with displaying pages and do not know where the problem is.I have ...

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