Live Chat Websocket

Live Chat Websocket is not available anymore, go for the business version way more advanced and no special configuration necessary. Live Chat - WebSocket the fastest and most server friendly live chat / support solution on the market. The chat runs through HTML5 WebSocket and therefore no more AJAX requests. Fast and reliable live chat solution build for hight traffic websites and busy operators.

Live Chat - WebSocket Features


Business Features

Same Features as Live Chat - Business



HTML5 WebSocket, no more AJAX requests.


Support old Browsers

Backup support for old browsers.


Easy to Use

Easy to install and to operator.


PHP WebSocket

PHP Daemon on your server.


Unlimited Operators

Yes, no limits in operators.


Unlimited Clients

Yes, no limits in clients.


Unlimited Departments

Yes, no limits in departments.

WebSocket Information

Check the WebSocket FAQ Section for more information about HTML5 und PHP WebSockets