FAQ - Customize Cloud Chat 3

Customize Cloud Chat 3

19.04.2017 439

When you purchase Live Chat PHP Server for sure you like to make it individual to suit your business. We have made it very simple for you to change text and images within LCPS.

The complete dashboard text is set via one file when you change it always keep a copy of it. You will find the file under following path:


Open the file with any text editor (make sure you save the file under UTF-8) and change the text to your needs.

Any other text can be changed in the appropriate language files.

/lang and /operator/lang

All logos are located in following folder:

  • logo.png (48x48 px)
  • logo_small.png (20x20 px)
  • ico/...

The logo for the stripe payment modal should be placed in following folder:

operator/payment/img/stripe_logo.png (128x128 px)

Should we have missed something please let us know.