Freebies updated

Freebies updated

About JAKWEB 11.04.2017 764

We have updated both the HelpDesk WP Bridge and the Live Chat 3 WP Bridge. We made sure it runs on PHP 7.1 as well fixed a few issues with the correct password sync.

Both bridges will update the client or / and operator information when changed in WordPress however there are plugins that do not use the standard hooks from WordPress and therefore we also created a sync file that can be run as a cron job.

Please download the cron file for HelpDesk and copy it either to your HelpDesk root or inside the include directory and setup a cron job that will run once a day for example. The cron job will sync your clients and operators and keep the HelpDesk tables up to date.

For Live Chat 3 a cron job is not necessary because all admins/operators that have access to WordPress and Live Chat 3 will or should be updated the regular way within WordPress.

Thank you once again for your feedbacks and enjoy the Bridges and Cron Job for HelpDesk and Live Chat 3.

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