Live Chat Business 2.1

Live Chat Business 2.1

About JAKWEB 14.03.2016 1510

Live Chat Business 2.1, like to have full control even when you are offline? This release comes with a handy new feature, it will save all offline messages including IP, Country* and City*.

Not just saving the offline messages you can also answer straight from the operator panel. Full control now is guaranteed.


  • Offline messages are now saved
  • Respond to offline messages via operator panel
  • Offline messages contain: IP, Location, City, Geo (*if available)
  • Fixed search in client history
  • Fixed all reported bugs
  • Made ob_clean() optional for certain servers
  • Fixed bug in embed code.
  • Fixed several forgotten e-notice warnings

Auto updater is now back if you already running 2.0, should you have a version installed before 2.0 you need to update the old school way. Download the complete package in the download area and follow the instructions in the update.txt file.

Thanks again for your feedbacks and bug reports and enjoy another great release for Live Chat Business.


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  • avatar Jerome

    We have released Version 2.1.1, it is available through Auto Updater and will fix an issue with Plivo, ringing if client has left the chat before taking it, plus a stylesheet issue with the chat colour.

    Thank you for all the reports and you can update to the latest version via Auto Updater in your Operator - Settings - Maintenance section.

    17.03.2016 1 Reply

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