HelpDesk 1.4

HelpDesk 1.4

About JAKWEB 07.03.2016 1511

It is time for another update for our complete support solution. HelpDesk 1.4 is now available via our download area or use the Auto Updater in your operator panel.

We would like to thank you once again for all the feedbacks and suggestions we have received in the past 6 weeks. We have implemented almost all features you have requested.

  • Added quick change for ticket status
  • Change priority status for tickets
  • Improved Answer ticket form for client
  • Hide contact form on main client side if offline (redirect to support)
  • Fixed an issue with Windows Edge and Internet Explorer
  • Fixed floating button on slide up / button
  • Fixed piping for html tickets only
  • Fixed operator signature saving error
  • Add CC email addresses for tickets (operator)
  • Fixed tab jumping in settings
  • tinyMCE update
  • jQuery update
  • Improved security overall
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

In January and February we got some clients with huge websites and big traffic and HelpDesk has proven that it is capable of handling this traffic with ease.

Now get your hands dirty and update to the latest version. OK we know, with the build in Auto Updater it only takes 3 seconds...

Thank you again and enjoy the new release fo HelpDesk.

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  • avatar Jerome

    We have received two complaints about the email to ticket feature. We have now improved the pipe.php file which runs faster and does not create 100s of tickets on some web hosts.

    If you have installed HelpDesk 1.4 already, please download the complete package again and replace the pipe.php file or wait till 1.5 comes out wich will include the improvements mentioned above.

    Thank you for the reports.

    11.03.2016 0 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    We have released Version 1.4.1 it is available through Auto Updater and will fix an issue with Piping, Plivo, ringing if client has left the chat before taking it, plus a stylesheet issue with the chat colour.

    Thank you for all the reports and you can update to the latest version via Auto Updater in your Operator - Settings - Maintenance section.

    17.03.2016 1 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    HelpDesk 1.4.2 is available through Auto Updater, it will fix various small issues reported via support tickets.

    After the update, please go to your settings and check if everything is OK, otherwise reset and save again.

    Thank you very much.

    24.03.2016 0 Reply
  • avatar pharill

    Just trying to confirm, the update for Admin creating New clients and an email being sent at that time...that has not been updated yet has it?

    03.04.2016 0 Reply
    • avatar Jerome

      It is on the list and will be available with the next version 1.5. Thank you for your patience.

      05.04.2016 0

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