Live Chat Business 1.1

Live Chat Business 1.1

About JAKWEB 27.09.2015 2094

Live Chat Business 1.1 will be available soon. We are running the final tests and as you can see in the bottom right corner the chat is online and ready for your pre sales questions.

With the update to 1.1 we have completely redesigned the chat behaviour and his look, not just for the client also for the operator. Faster handling with your mobile devices, resource friendlier (reduced SQL queries by 80%), faster loading and over all just a better behaviour.

  • SSE for faster and resource friendlier chat experience
  • Reduced SQL Queries by 80%.
  • Brand new Administration Panel
  • Brand new Client Theme
  • Choose Colour Theme for Chats
  • Live status of online or offline (slide up)
  • Slide up live colour change if minimised
  • Slide up does not need a button image anymore
  • Added a option to turn off transcript sending
  • Changed time in chat style
  • Fixed search in client chats
  • Moved javascript to the bottom (faster)
  • Added more statistics
  • Cleaned dashboard
  • Updated uploader
  • Various bugs fixed

The next couple of days we will run it live and test the performance in a live and busy environment (we have around 30000 visitors a Month), then the demo will be updated and finally it will be available for download. Business is so good that we will remove the websocket version, the market for it is too small.

Any suggestions or feedback? Please post your comment.